Meet the Executive Director

Bob saw a lot of alcohol consumption growing up bearing its many deceptive faces. He remembers the torn, confused and insecure feelings as a result of coming from an unchurched, broken home. “I never knew how to deal with all those feeling’s, so I kept them to myself. It was difficult and I wanted to escape somehow. On the inside, I felt like a caged tiger and soon found the release that inebriation provided.”

After many years of alcohol abuse, Bob lost a promising career with the DuPont Chemical Company and ended up on Lombard and Pratt Streets in Baltimore a homeless man. Bob recalls, “a few Christian acquaintances befriended me and guided me to Teen Challenge in Capitol Heights, Maryland. A week later they transferred me to Life Challenge of Southeastern Michigan (formerly Detroit Teen Challenge). It was there that I felt hope for the first time.”

“When I walked through the doors of LC, I was a man sickened by what I’d become. I was ready to give any change a chance to happen. They taught me about a man named Jesus and his great sacrifice and love for me. That I could actually be forgiven for all my sins, foolish decisions, and the pain I had caused my family. That I could have a new beginning. I immediately repented and asked Jesus to come into my heart. I realized from that moment on I would never be the same.”

Bob Carey now has burden to help those whose lives have been ravaged by the destructive power of addiction. Having lived a life himself that was on a ruinous course, Bob’s aim is to lead people towards the greatest beauty, the highest value, the deepest satisfaction, and most lasting joy, to help them toward God.

Bob attended Central Bible College – Detroit Campus where he completed his ministers certification with the Assemblies of God. He began in full time ministry in 1994 at Life Challenge of Southeastern Michigan where he recently served as Assistant to the Executive Director. In September 2008 Bob was appointed Executive Director for Delmarva Teen Challenge. Bob and his wife Cristina are proud parents of their three children 18, 17 and 13. 


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